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July 16-23, 2016

This is the 31st year of our reunion and it gets better and crazier every year, as you can see. Forty-four were here. We older ones get a few more wrinkles but the fourth generation litttle ones are growing by leaps and bounds. All but Baby Hope are in school now. Vickie volunteered to be our program planner with sign-up sheets for activities. This was a huge success and made for even more fun.

Lots of love in this family

Lucy  Ann
Mother and Daughter
Love our grandkids
Father and Daughter

Proud Grandmothers
Oldest and youngest
3rd or 4h cousins
Can you blieve these are Grandmas?

1st cousins + Mary
Mother and kids
1st cousins and in-law

We had lots of delicious food prepared by delightlful families. We only have photos of 2 of the delightful families.

Everyone fixes their own breakfast.

The Wades cook.
Yummy Corn on-the-cob.

Anyone hungry?.
The Andersons cook.
Guaranteeing that it's delicious.

Save me some.
Plenty for everyone.
Ahh, save room for desserts.

After dinner conversation.
Kids clean up.
It was sooooo good.

Vickie divided us into 2 teams to compete on several things, racing to work a puzzle, hitting a balloon, 2 legged race, jump rope, etc. Team 2 won and got toy medals around our neck. She did an excellent job. More pictures are on video than here.

The list.

Each put in one piece.
Ball on a plate.

No fair helping.

Carry a cotton Ball..
Becoming a clown.

Several went to Fire Creek
Lucy, Ann
Beautiful day.

A beautiful creek.

Brave Caris goes first.
Lucy, Ann
Vickie is brave, too.
On-site photographer.

Trying the noodles.

Just hanging out.
The overseers.

A real trooper.

Helping his Mamma.
Yummy hot dogs, Thanks Vickie/Stan.

Tube girl.

This day's sign-up sheet was for Helen. Some played miniature golf, some went to Helen and some floated down the Lazy River. I hear that there was't enough water to make it fun. I only have pictures from golf and a few other miscellaneous fun things going on back here at the house.

Stan is gung-ho. Will he win?

Lots of competition here.

Here, too.

We won't win this way.

Who got the hole-in-one?

Guess who won this time.

Now it's time for our reward.

Best ice cream in North Carolina.

Elvis loves Arwin.

Love me tender.

A smoothie for me in Helen.


We tied. Dot won.

The entertainer.

Advice from a pro.

Beautiful nails by a pro.

Beautiful Lake Chatuge is here and thanks to Greg and Rickie, two beautiful boats are on the lake for water fun and enjoying the scenery.

Getting ready.

No, she didn't catch it.

We're ready to go.

Beth is the captain of that group.

Rick is captain of our group.

The smug look is because he is driving..

Going easy for the girls.
The girls and Grandpa love it.

Carla and Cindy take a ride.
This is the life.

There is some work to do.

Taking a selfie.

We look forward to Lucy's s'mores.