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July 19-26, 2014

This is the 28th year these Alexander ancesters were together for a week's reunion and it gets better and bigger every year. First timers were Dave and Cindy Wyant who loved it and say they are coming back next year. There were 47 here and two extra cottages were rented. These are Dave's pictures of this happy week.

So many loving and beautiful people.
Don and Fran
Evie and Paul
Dave and Carla
Ralph and Norma
Cindy Dave Mom
The Wyants
Aunt Dodo and Zoe
Oldest and youngest
Dave, Vickie
First Cousins
Fran, Dot
Lexi, Beth
Special Cuties

Related in a great-great way

Beautiful Rachel

Big girls do this
Big boys do this

The day starts with fixing your own breakfast anytime you get up. One morning was extra exciting with Kim being surprised by Grant with an engagement ring.
We get pretty crazy about this third generation of nieces and nephews watching them grow from childhood to such nice young men and women.
Donny and Ricky married adorable girls, Rene' and Marianne married great guys. Sharing this with us was special.

Grant and Kim

Sharing the news

So happy

Good morning

Must have been a good one

Rick, Liz, Cindy and Dave

Norma, Ralph, Rick and Liz

Grandparents are baby sitting

Anderson kids plus Jacob

These are some of the different adventures we went on. I don't have pictures of the group that went to Helen or did the "River Rapids".

This group went to Fires Creek
In the middle of the river 356
Bringing his sweetie a flower

This is how you do it

Come on

Stan helped the ladies

Dave helped his sweetie

Showing off for the girls

The audience

He conquered it

Me, too

We all did it

Brasstown Bald

Highest place in Georgia

Beautiful views

Checking out the Appalachian Trail
Hurt eye on the river rapids trip.

Hiked to Kim's proposal place.

There is lots of fun stuff to do here.

Walking the labyrinth

We did it
Isaac, Jacob
Best cousin friend

Enjoying the lake

The Wades' beautiful boat

Getting Anxious

Our beautiful Captain

To the ropes


Don just did a flip

Beth and Rachel

Peddling our way

We play games.

Scavenger hunt

Planning their work

Working their plan

Girls will be hard to beat

I'll help

Foil wrapped dollar for silver dollar

I can't find a loser in those sweet faces

We didn't lose

It ended in a tie

Given to us 42 years ago

This was made by Grandpa Alexander
for Ralph and my 25th Anniversary in 1972.
Since we have celebrated more than
25 reunions together I'm giving every
2nd and 3rd generation a 1972
silver dollar from Grandpa and me.

1972 Silver dollar

Carla bought a game to put together

Call in the troops


A hot game of train dominoes

Lots of choo choos here

Serious stuff

Lots of good food. Almost everyone shows up for dinner.

We miss Paul, but glad Lucy is here

Everyone helps, even new ones

Dave and Carla's day to cook

Praise God from whom all blessings flow

Praise Him all creatures here below

Praise Him above ye heavenly hosts
Praise Father Son and Holy Ghost

Time to eat


Kids do a great job cleaning up

Wiener roast

Best goodbye ever

We hate to leave

I feel so blessed to be part of this beautiful loving family and grateful to God for our loving Christian parents who started it. For us to spend this one week a year together is such a treat. I don't have pictures of the fun stuff others did but I hope you all enjoyed the week as much as I did.