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July 13-20, 2013

The dictionary describes family as "all the people living in the same house: all those descended from a common ancestor". That's us, 42 this year and It is more than living in the same house for a week, it's enjoying 4 generations of family we love. Some we don't see for a whole year..

The first-timers at this house in Haysville, North Carolina were Carolyn and Ashley McWhirter, David Owen, Shawn Selby and his 12 year old son Jacob and Marianne and Mark Wendling's not quite year old daughter, Zoe.

Look how the little ones have grown. Zoe wasn't even here last year.





Zoe and Alexis
Zoe,Marianne,Caris   Carla, Eli
Girls and Mommy, Eli and Grandma
Alexi, Aunt Dodo
Alexi and Great-Great Aunt Dodo
Dot, Zoe
Zoe and Great-Grandma

Carolyn being Carolyn.

Picture moments of happy families being together and also catching up on what's new in their lives.
Stan, David, Vickie
Proud Mom and Dad with David
Paul, Dodo
.Paul and Aunt Dodo
The Wades and Rene'
Rene'  Kim
Serious Talk
Carolyn,Fran,Dot,Evie,Dottie W.
.Rachel show and tell
This is the church and all the people

Grandpa and Great-grandma trying so hard
Looks like the long arm of the law.
Foot same length as forearm?
Marianne, Aunt Dodo
Do we believe that?
Miranda, Evie,Dot,Paul
Paul has upcoming surgery.

How we start our days
Don brings coffee.
Danny Wade
Danny makes good French Toast.
Grandma helps Eli..
Miranda, Ricky
Good Morning.
Miranda, Donny
Start the day right.
Something stuck in his ear.

I didn't get pictures of all the fun stuff going on, a lot of swimming, tubing, rope swing over the water. I heard that one of the ropes broke. The different generations did different things. Cards and dominos were played late into the night.
Paul, Dot, Vickie
Out for a walk.
Walking the Labyrinth..

Which way?
New truck to pull waverunner?.
Carla, Dave
Peddle power.
Aunt Dodo,Aunt Dot
We loved it.

Lots of exercise here.
Dottie, Fran, Dot Don
Love miniature golf.
Don, Dottie, Dot
The Reward.

There was a 3rd generation scavenger hunt, girls versus boys. They had half an hour to find everything on the list. Girls were declared winners but not all of their loot met specifications. We plan to try this again next year.
Mark's Poem.
Rene, Kim, Miranda,Marianne,Beth,Stephanie
Girls back first.

Here come the boys..
The Winners.
Boys were good sports.

4th Generation scavenger hunt.

We gather-to-gether for dinner
Get in a circle
Is everyone here?
We're hungry.
Ricky and Miranda's day to cook.

Corn on the cob, yummy.
'Dottie Wade, Zoe
Zoe is hungry.

Third Generation cleans up.

Clean-up in kitchen.

Danny cleans tables.
Alex sweeps the floors.

Good job kids as usual. It's been a wonderful week with a wonderful family.