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Same family...New place

The Alexander reunions have survived

For over 20 years our yearly week-long reunions have been a highlight. Cousins got better acquainted, aunts and uncles loved seeing the little ones as they were growing up and we all became closer in sharing our lives. Paul and Lucy sold their house in Montreat last year and it appeared an end had come to our yearly reunions. Thanks to the younger ones who searched the internet, found a place, checked it out, made a deposit here we are at The Hinton Rural Life Center in the mountains near Hayes, North Carolina, There are 36 here, the oldest is 82 years old and the youngest 4 weeks.

The older generation.
The oldest sisters.
Alexander Paul Kendall,Paul Stephen Kendall, Paul Stephen Alexander
1 Alex, 3 Pauls, 2 Stephens.
This is a nice place. There are 3 floors with 11 bedrooms and 11 baths and an extra building for cooking and dining. What a treat to see everyone again and get caught up with lots of good conversation

Proud Grandma.
Another proud Grandma.
We love hugs.
Dot,Vickie,Stan, Rene',Paul,Evie
Some of the Kendalls.
Vickie, Paul
Brother and Sister.
My baby grew up.

Dottie and her baby.
Fourth cousins.
Sisters and third cousin.
Another red-head!.
The young ones found plenty to do. There is a large lake within walking distance and Greg Wade brought his boat for fun on the water. All ages enjoyed the volleyball games, card playing, bean bag toss, trips to play miniture golf, to the movies and to the Swiss looking village of Helen, Ga. for shopping.
A story behind this?

The swimmers

A friendly game of cards.
Clean-up duty.
I'll help.
Make him eat it.

Don and Fran do most of the cooking except for Dodo's spaghetti bake night and the Kendall's grilled chicken night. Greg Wade made some good breakfasts, too. A meeting was held and it was determined that since Fran and Don were getting a little older, as well as the rest of us in that generation, help was needed with the meals. The younger generation immediately stepped up and each family volunteered to take a night to cook next year. It was beautiful to see them so ready to keep the "Alexander Reunion" tradition alive and going strong. They have even made reservations ahead for the next two years. We are so proud of our kids and their Granny and Grandpa would be, too, because their hope was that we would always be a loving family and that has been so easy to do.